Housed in the stunning Prismatic Lo-Boy cabinet, this 3 player community game, based on the popular classic Cops ‘n’ Robbers is sure to turn heads. As well as the base game, this game has 3 community bonuses; chase bonus, train robbery and spotlight feature.


Base Game

In the base game wins are awarded for 3, 4 and 5 of a kind consecutive matching symbols from left to right on a win line, except for the top award which is a scatter symbol award.

Win-lines are dependent on stake amount; 5 win-lines are available on a 25p stake, 10 win-lines are available on a 50p and £1 stake & 20 win-lines are available on a £2 stake.

Base game Wild Picks, individual features and community features can be activated by dings.

Wild Picks

Wild Picks allow the player to turn reels wild. One or two picks can be awarded. Only the central three reels are available to be selected.

A bonus pick may be offered after the initial amount of picks has been used up, allowing for up to three additional wild picks.


This bonus is triggered randomly, all active players are eligible to partake in the feature. The terminal which triggered the bonus will be awarded the win.

At the start of the bonus the Cop will walk on screen, then having stopped on the middle screen he will take it in turns to shine his torch onto each screen above the wall. At the same time Bert will randomly pop-up from behind the wall onto one of the players screens. This continues until Bert is spotted in the torchlight, at this point his swag bag spills open and awards a prize to the player whose screen he was caught on.

Chase Bonus

On each eligible terminal the screen displays its own lapper board of cash with stake dependant values, plus its own pair of dice.

The player will roll the red dice rolls first and the Robber moves landing on a cash position which adds into the players winnings. The Blue dice is then rolled and the Cop moves.

This continues until all Robbers have been caught.


On this community feature the top screens transition to display a chain of green, red and yellow train carriages, moving across the screens.

After a short period Bert appears from behind the bushes and grabs hold of the brake lever on the centre screen. Bert is seen pulling the lever and each time the train will slow down. Bert continues to pull the lever until the train screeches to a halt with a coloured carriage stopping on each screen.

For eligible players the carriage doors will open and award a prize relevant to the colour of the carriage; the Yellow Swag Bag will award 250 times the player’s stake, the Red Swag Bag will award 100 times the player’s stake, the Green Swag Bag will award 50 times the player’s stake.

Technical Information

Reels 5×3
Win Lines Up to 20
Max Win £500
Stake 25p, 50p, £1, £2

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