VALOR™, Inspired’s new open-standard SAS and G2S VLT protocol cabinet, boasts striking dual 27” high definition floating screens with a superior sound system that deliver a unique and fully immersive experience. The built-in screen frame lights offer enhanced front-facing contextual illumination and rear-facing ambient lighting to create the ultimate player experience.

Key Characteristics

  • Designed for an operator by an operator
  • Designed for reliability and ease of operation and maintenance for route markets.
  • Convenient and comfortable flat orientation of the button deck.
  • Brightly lit, responsive buttons.
  • Intuitive UI and gesture capability.
  • High Performance PC.
  • USB point to charge mobile devices on the cabinet while in play.
  • Frame lights offer enhanced game-contextual lighting.
  • Fully immersive, premium sound system with directional stereo speakers and subwoofer.
  • JCM, GEN5 or TransAct Epic 950 printer options.
  • MEI, SC Advance or JCM iVIZION bill acceptors.
  • Efficient and easy cash collection and paper refill.
  • Simple in field maintenance for all components.
  • Front opening door and button panel to minimise disruption during engineering work.
  • Side opening door for ease of equipment access whilst minimizing footprint when open.

Customisable Options

  • Ticket Printers


  • Height: 1451mm (57”)
  • Width: 703mm (28”)
  • Depth: 643mm (25”)
  • Weight 287lb (130kg)

Recommended Base – in addition to the cabinet.

  • Height 460mm (18”)
  • width 710mm (28”)
  • depth 460mm (18”)
  • Weight 44 lb (20 KG)