Inspired’s Advanced Server-Based Gaming-Ready Cabinet

For more than 15 years, Inspired has been defining high-performing multi-game solutions and unmatched player experiences by providing a winning
combination of innovative technology, hardware, and content to the gaming industry. Its latest advance, Vantage, is a server-based gaming ready cabinet
powered by an intelligent operating system that can deliver content to players in record time and with supreme quality.


More playing, less waiting thanks to a menu that adapts for players

The Vantage cabinet features Inspired’s next generation menu, designed to help players find their favourite games faster.

Search, Sort and Swipe

It’s now easier than ever to search, sort and swipe through Inspired’s extensive library of games. The Vantage game menu offers a variety of new ways for players to find their favourite games and discover new ones. Vantage offers a modern and intuitive game menu with key functionality that drives player game recommendations based on their playing sessions.

Smart Search Function

The smart search function allows players to search for games by name, type, and theme. As soon as the player starts entering information into the search bar, the menu will start to filter game titles, the more information provided, the more tailored the search results.

Vantage, the latest addition to the Inspired VLT family, is one more example of Inspired’s constant development of new products and solutions that shape and lift the gaming industry.


Height 1946mm
Width 660mm
Depth 728mm
Weight 175kg

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