Max win: £100,000 | Min bet: £1 | Max bet: £10,000

Based on the traditional roulette game, 20p Roulette is one of Inspired’s originals in the roulette family.

How to Play

1. Player places one or more of their bet options
using the Bet Table, they must bet at least £1 to
start the game
2. Alternatively, the player may place bets on the neighbour bets table
3. Selecting ‘Bet’ will launch the ball around the spinning roulette wheel,
winnings are awarded if the final position of the ball on the wheel is covered
by chips on the betting table
4. Selecting ‘Turbo Spin’ skips the wheel spin

Neighbour Bets

The player can also choose to place bets on the Neighbour Bets table. When a bet
is placed on a chosen number, this is also placed on the four adjacent numbers
(two numbers either side of the number).