Min Stake: £1 | Max Stake: £2 | Category: B3

Experience the excitement of £1 roulette! It’s your chance to spin the wheel and win big in this game of chance. Simply place your chips to kick off the action and watch the pay table light up with potential wins. Keep your eyes on the Spin Bar, as that’s where the magic happens! If the pointer lands in the green section of the Spin Bar, the roulette feature will be triggered.


  • The roulette wheel contains 36 red and black numbers along with three green numbers: 0, 00 and 000.
  • To start playing £1 Roulette, place your chips. Keep an eye on the ‘chips placed’ box to track your wagers.
  • Watch the pay table update in real-time as you place your chips, revealing potential wins for the current game cycle.
  • Once 200 chips or more are placed, the Spin Bar activates. If exactly 200 chips are placed, you’ll advance directly to the roulette feature.


  • The Spin Bar will adjust its green and red sections according to how many chips are on the board.
  • The more chips placed; the larger the bar’s red section will be. If the bar’s green area is bigger, it is more likely the roulette feature will spin.
  • Hit BET in the right-hand corner to send the pointer up and down the Spin Bar.
  • If the arrow lands in the green section, then the roulette feature will start. Landing on any of the chosen numbers will result in a win.
  • If the arrow lands in the red section, the roulette feature doesn’t activate, and the game cycle will end.