Min Stake: £1 | Max Stake: £2 | Category: B3

Playing 100/1 is similar to playing traditional roulette but our roulette is loaded with extra features like Spin Bar and the Bonus Wheel. The roulette wheel contains an exciting 100 red and black numbers, ten coloured bonus segments, and there are 5,000 chips available. To get your hands on the Bonus Wheel, place a bet on one of the ten coloured bonus segments and successful bets will award a spin of one of the three Bonus Wheels available.  Once the wheel has come to a complete stop, you will be awarded the cash prize selected by the pointer at the top of the wheel.

Wondering how the Spin Bar works?

Once 200 or more chips have been placed, the Spin Bar will adjust its green and red sections according to how many chips have been placed. The more chips placed; the larger the bar’s red section will be. If the bar’s green area is bigger, it’s more likely the roulette feature will spin.

Press BET to get the Spin Bar moving! If the arrow lands in the green feature, the roulette feature will begin and if the player’s numbers come up, they will be awarded with winnings.

100/1 Roulette Bonus Wheel is now available in retail.