Reels: 5×3 | Win Lines: 20 | Stake: 25p, 50p, £1 | Max Win: £100 | Category: Cat C

Gold fever fortune PP

You’ve struck Gold with Gold Fever Fortune! Full of 24 carat features and engaging, bright graphics this slot is sure to turn heads in any venue. Gold Fever Fortune is a 5×3 reel, 20 win-line game with a max win of £100. Wins are paid from left to right.


The Streak Spins Bonus is triggered when 3 dynamite symbols land. The player is then prompted to select one of the landed dynamite symbols, which explodes revealing the awarded number of streak spins.

A streak spins is a free spin with a gaurenteed win or bonus award.


From the base game the Gold Rush Board Bonus is triggered when 3 miner symbols land.

Game boards appear on the top and bottom screen. Play starts on the bottom board, where players roll the dice and move around the board. If a player lands on a cash value, this is added to their winnings. Landing on a

‘Gimme Gold’ space boosts cash values on the board. Landing on the hazard symbol has three possible outcomes; continue game (depcited by the standard miner), bonus ends (depicted by the blown up miner) and manic miner where multiple spaces are awarded around the board (depicted by the happy miner). If a player lands three times on a lattern symbol, play moves to the top board. The upper board consists of cash values and exit space. Cash value spaces, adds to their winnings. Exit spaces returns play to the base board.


There are 3 different coloured cashpots and after each spin, values are added to the associated cashpots. These values will increase until the players achieves 3 pot symbols in a single spin or the pot limit is reached.

When a player achieves 3 gold, silver or bronze nugget symbols the pot picker bonus is triggered. The player is then presented with 9 greyed out nugget pots. The player then picks a greyed out nugget pot which turns either; gold, silver or bronze. The revealed pot is added to the relevant trail. Once three of the same color is revealed the player receives the relevant pot.


Cash gamble is awarded from eligible wins from a winning streak and the gold rush bonus. Once you enter the gamble you have the option to; gamble all winnings or gamble part of your winnings. The player is presentated with a pie showing a win and lose portion. The gamble win amount can be altered using the + and – symbols which subsequently changes the win/lose ratio. Players can click collect and collect all their winnings at any point.


Multi gamble is awarded for base game wins and can be gambled for cash or bonuses.

As with the cash gamble, multi gamble is a pie gamble however players are presented with multiple pie gamble options. Players have the option to gamble their winnings for; Streak Spins, Gold Rush or Cash.


Alongside the standard £1 stake there is the option for the player to bet another £1 stake for the fortune spins feature. Upon entry the player is presented with three wagons on a track and the player chose one of the three wagons each with a different hit rate. Pressing start ‘spins’ the wagon to a new position, with each wagon either being empty or full. If three full wagons appear in view, the player is asked to choose a wagon and the player is rewarded the contents of that wagon.