How to Play

The roulette wheel contains 36 red and black numbers and two green numbers: 0 and 00.

1. The player has 3,000 chips available; they must place at least 200 chips on the roulette board to activate the spin-bar prior to a roulette spin.

2. If at least 200 chips are placed, the spin bar will become active.

3. When the player has placed over 200 chips, the Spin Bar will
adjust its green and red sections according to how many chips
have been placed. The more chips placed; the larger the bar’s red
section will be. If the bar’s green area is bigger, it is more likely
the roulette feature will spin. Once the player is happy with their
bet they must press ‘BET’ and the Spin Bar arrow will start to slide
up and down.

4. If the arrow lands in the green section, then the roulette feature will start, and the wheel will spin. If a player’s numbers come up, they will be credited with the winnings.

5. If the arrow lands in the red section, the roulette wheel will not spin, and the game cycle will end.

6. Pressing auto play will keep launching the Spin-Bar (at £2 a time) until a win is achieved.