Win Lines: 40 | Min Stake: 0.20p | Max Stake: £2.00 | Max Win: £1000 | Category: Cat C

Win Wall Product Image

Come on down! Introducing, all the way from Inspired, WinWall! Winwall is a game show themed slot where points mean prizes, not forgetting the bonus round, Fortune Community!
Players are awarded for any 3 matching symbols on any of the 5 win lines, with bonuses activated by dings.

Bonus Features

Bonuses are awarded when 3 dings occur. When this is achieved the player will be awarded one of the following bonuses;

  • 1 Wild Pick
  • 2 Wild Picks
  • Community Bonus


Wild Picks 

When this feature is activated, the player will have the opportunity to turn one or two reels wild.


Bonus Spin

Following the wild picks feature, there is the chance of a Bonus Spin.
If awarded, the non-wild reels will spin again for the possibility of more wins. Bonus Spins can be awarded multiple times.


Community Feature

Prior to this feature, all eligible terminals will join the community feature irrespective of game title.

The player is then presented with a 5×4 grid of coloured squares, containing different cash values. A red box will randomly jump between squares. The player has to then press the ‘START’ button to stop the box, and be awarded the value it lands on.

The feature ends when the player lands on a blank square.


Gold Streak

If the player lands on the ‘GOLD STREAK’ square during the community feature, the gold streak is awarded, which turns all the squares gold with larger cash values.


Repeat Chance

A repeat chance is offered on higher stakes when the player wins £100. The player presses the Start button and if the panel stops on YES, another £100 is awarded.