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Everybody loves the long ball– watching sluggers hit the ball high, far and into the night as they battle it out to see who is the greatest on the pitch. Inspired’s Home Run Shootout is just that: an easy to understand Virtual game of a home run hitting competition focusing only on the big hits that attract people to the sport. Inspired’s Home Run Shootout delivers the excitement of home runs and offers a wide range of bet markets and possible returns in this fast-paced event.

With incredible lifelike graphics, two batters go head-to-head to see who can hit the most home runs over five pitches. Players can pick their favorites among 10 different batters from 10 different teams in this high-frequency contest.  The first batter steps up to the plate to face five balls, and is  followed by batter 2 but who will get the victory?

The Home Run Shootout Legends edition brings players the opportunity to watch some of baseball’s legends of the past step up to bat against each other. Babe Ruth is the signature introduction, with many more to follow.

Available Bet Markets include:

  • Game Winner
  • Total runs scored – under / over
  • Correct score