Something so simple, yet it will get your heart pumping; Inspired is exciting to introduce our brand-new Marbles game. Watch as 10 marbles race down a variety of different tracks with multiple obstacles that can change the race at any moment, creating entertaining races with exciting and unpredictable endings!

Adding to the extra layer of fun are two key new  features “Optional Catchzone booster, “which allows an increase in winnings when you bet on which of the five catch zones the marbles end in & ‘Optional Multiplier’ which allows players to boost their winnings through a configurable multiplier pre-event option.

Product overview:

  • 10 participant races
  • Thrilling events lasting under 60 secs
  • 5 Sand and Snow tracks as well as themed Tracks including Soccer, Halloween, and Christmas
  • 5 different “catch zones” at the end of the race provide extra betting markets
  • Smooth, high quality graphics and flawless marble physics
  • Wide variety of simple race markets to bet on
  • Available for land-based, online and mobile integration via the Inspired Virtuals Platform

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